Privacy policy of the app

Privacy policy of the elemonsters app

This app does not collect, store or process any user data. The app does not connect itself to the internet or provide any in-app purchases.

In order to work, the app only needs the following permission:

Permission to access the camera

The elemonsters app needs access to the camera for the augmented reality function to work. The app only works together with the elemonsters card game. The camera recognizes one or more cards and plays matching video clips. The user can also access additional information about each card.


Links to websites

The elemonsters app contains links to several pages on the site There the user can for example discover more elemonsters, that are not part of the app, or watch videos.
The links are opened in the standard browser. No additional information is submitted with the link.
The videos on the website are provided by YouTube. We declare, that we have no influence over the content or the privacy policy of this provider (or other sites which may be linked from the website). In any case please refer to their privacy policy.


Software utilized to build this app

This app was made with Unity using the plug-in Vuforia.
Please refer to the privacy policy of Unity here:
The privacy policy of Vuforia can be found here:



In case you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us under the following address:

Andreas Dihm
Esmarchstr. 5
10407 Berlin
mail [at]

This privacy policy has last been updated on March 6 2020