Wolf Ram
Wolf Ram

Of all metals Tungsten (also known as wolfram) has the highest melting point. Therefore it is used in light bulbs.

The name "tungsten" comes from the Swedish tung sten meaning "heavy stone".



Gallium is a metal that melts at body temperature. There used to be teaspoons made of gallium as novelty items to scare granmas at tea time. Its name is derived from the word Gallus – latin for rooster, the symbol for France, since it was discovered there.

Gallius is an amphibious moster that dwells on land as well as in water. Don’t overheat his slow temper or he will boil over.



Tin was discovered in ancient times. As bronze – an alloy with copper - it gave a whole period its name. Below 13°C tin starts to crumble - a phenomenon called "tin pest". When bent it makes a distinguished sound: the tin cry.

Stannus the monster is the guard of the king's palace. He is unable to talk with a normal voice and screams permanently. Therefore he also serves as the herald of the court and announces the king's newest laws and resolutions. Unfortunately he is very sensitive to low temperatures and thus easily catches the cold and suffers from rheumatism.



Lead is a very heavy metal, which is soft and easy to work with. Therefore it was used for plumbing and printing types – until its toxicity was discovered. Plumbo is a strong Monster with low intelligence. A willing henchman who does all the dirty work for the royals. Too dumb for complicated tasks but a good protector.



Copper was the first metal discovered by mankind. 10,000 years ago man made tools and jewelry out of it. Because of its beauty it was associated with planet venus, the goddess of beauty. Nowadays it is still being used in multiple applications. Cuperina is a lively lady and the damsel of the castle. She’s a bit vain, has many admirers and loves to dress up. But her „heart of gold“ and her sense for practicality seperates her from the other more aloof inhabitants of the castle.

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