Trace Element



Copper was the first metal discovered by mankind. 10,000 years ago man made tools and jewelry out of it. Because of its beauty it was associated with planet venus, the goddess of beauty. Nowadays it is still being used in multiple applications. Cuperina is a lively lady and the damsel of the castle. She’s a bit vain, has many admirers and loves to dress up. But her „heart of gold“ and her sense for practicality seperates her from the other more aloof inhabitants of the castle.



The name of our first monster is Silizius. Silicon is the second most common element on earth (after oxygen). It is everywhere around us: in sand, in pebble stone, in concrete, glass, clay etc. It is necessary for computer chips and solar cells.

Silicius the Monster is computer-nerd of the Elemonsters. As a mentor of the group he knows a lot and likes to hold lectures – a real busybody.

Here’s the official video (German with English subtitles available):

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